Fig.43 Apterae on Polypodium and other ferns; (a) End of hind tibia and tarsus of Shinjia pteridifoliae, (b) ANT III of Papulaphis sleesmani, (c) SIPH anhd surrounding cuticle of Macromyzus woodwardiae, (d) SIPH of Amphorophora scabripes, (e) SIPH of A. ampullata, (f) SIPH of Macrosiphum adianti, (g) SIPH of M. clydesmithi, (h) SIPH of M. pteridis, (i) SIPH, presiphuncular sclerite and a dorsal hair of Idiopterus nephrelepidis, (j) SIPH of Micromyzodium polypodii, (k) Micromyzus niger, (l) SIPH of Taiwanomyzus filicis, (m) SIPH of T. alpicola, (n) SIPH of Myzus filicis, (o) SIPH of Micromyzella sleonensis, (p) SIPH of M. pterisoides, (q) SIPH of M. kathleenae, (r) SIPH of Micromyzus katoi.