Fig.38 Apterae on Lonicera; (a) Dorsal view of head of fundatrix of Prociphilus xylostei, (b) SIPH of Gypsoaphis oestlundi, (c) SIPH of Brachycorynella lonicerina, (d) SIPH of Semiaphis heraclei (from Lonicera), (e) Spiracles of (L) prothorax and (R) 3rd abdominal segment of Delphiniobium canadense, (f) Prosternal sclerite of Hyadaphis passerinii, (g) Same for H. foeniculi, (h) Cauda of Trichosiphonaphis lonicerae, (i) SIPH of T. lonicerae, (j) SIPH of T. polygonifoliae (from Lonicera), (k) SIPH of T. corticis, (l) SIPH of Alphitoaphis lonicericola.