Fig. 12 Apterae on Artemisia, Key A; (a) Fore femur of Macropodaphis rechingeri, (b) Dorsal tubercles on ABD TERG 3 of M. rechingeri, (c) Same for M. paradoxa, (d) SIPH and dorsal hairs of Flabellomicrosiphum tridentatae, (e) SIPH of Epameibaphis frigidae, (f) SIPH of E. utahensis, (g) SIPH of Pseudoepameibaphis tridentatae, (h) Dorsal hairs of Coloradoa abrotani, (i) Same for C. campestris, (j) Same for C. submissa, (k) Same for C. ponticae, (l) Same for C. viridis, (m) SIPH of Coloradoa absinthii, (n) SIPH of C. angelicae, (o) SIPH of C. rufomaculata, (p) SIPH of C. artemisiae, (q) SIPH of Sappaphis piri, (r) SIPH of Xerobion cinae, (s) R IV+V of Aphis filifoliae, (t) R IV+V of Aphis kurosawai, (u) Dorsal sclerotisation of ABD TERG 2-5 in A. hermistonii, (v) Same for A. canae.