In this section we provide information on all the aphids feeding on trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants that were included in the Host Lists and Keys section of the website, treating them in alphabetical order of genera, and of species within genera. All species of which the host plant is known are included, even those appearing in square brackets in the lists because we had inadequate information to include them in the keys. If a species listed in Host Lists and Keys is not found in the alphabetical sequence then it is probably mentioned in the discussion of some other species. The index to aphid species names will show where to look.

Here are links to aphid genera beginning with each letter of the alphabet:


As in Blackman & Eastop (2000), and on the web at, the classification of Aphidoidea follows that of Remaudière & Remaudière (1997), as this is likely to be the most widely consulted list for many years to come, with the revisions of family names proposed by Nieto Nafrìa et al. (1997). An alternative classification incorporating fossil aphids was proposed by Heie & Wegierek (2009), and is the system currently followed on the Tree of Life website. Table 3 compares these two classifications and shows the equivalent categories of the extant groups. The main difference between the two is in the level assigned to categories, so that in most cases a simple difference of word ending is involved (following the conventions “-idae” for family, “-inae” for subfamily, “–ini” for tribe and “–ina” for subtribe). However, it is important to note that Drepanosiphidae in the Heie & Wegierek system is not equivalent to Drepanosiphinae as used here, and that there are also other differences within the classification of the “drepanosiphine aphids”. Y. Lee et al. (2021) have now published a molecular phylogeny of the diverse and problematic subfamily Calaphidinae based on five genes and 126 taxa, and make several changes at the tribal level. These have been incorporated into the systematic treatment on this website.

In the course of compiling the 2006 book Aphids on Herbaceous Plants and Shrubs we recognised more than 100 synonymies and made several other taxonomic changes. These are listed and discussed in Eastop & Blackman (2005).

Under each genus name we give a short diagnosis and references to the most recent revisionary accounts. The information given for each species wherever possible includes appearance in life and range of body length (BL) of the apterous vivipara (apt.), host plant(s) and feeding site, distribution, life cycle – including whether the aphid is heteroecious or monoecious and holocyclic or anholocyclic – and times of appearance of oviparae and males, any other systematic or biological information that we consider relevant, and chromosome number (2n female; for further information about aphid karyotypes see Gavrilov-Zimin et al. 2015). Some information about the alate vivipara (al.) may also be provided if this can aid identification. BL gives an indication of size, but for many species this will be based on only a few specimens, and it will only accurately reflect the full size range in the case of better-known species.

For many of the species that occur in Britain we have added links to the excellent colour photographs and much supporting information provided by Bob Dransfield in his online Gallery (see That website now also includes accounts of many north-eastern North American aphids, with excellent colour photographs provided by Claude Piron. Links are also included at the appropriate points to colour images and notes for many species in western North America on Andy Jensen’s excellent website, and to the similarly excellent images and information on southern Indian aphids at

We have omitted references to original descriptions prior to 1996 as these are available in Remaudière & Remaudière (1997) or, in the case of earlier descriptions, by consulting Smith’s (1972) bibliography after looking up the date of description in Remaudière & Remaudière. We have included references to any significant information about the species published subsequent to its original description, e.g. redescriptions, descriptions of other morphs, or biological studies, the referenced work being mostly limited to taxonomy and variation within and between species. Previously unpublished information on host plant and distribution from slide labels of specimens in the collection of the Natural History Museum (BMNH) is also included. The treatment of economically important species is very selective as information about these is available in Blackman & Eastop (2000), and plenty of more up-to-date information can also be obtained by web searches.


This is an up-dated list of published works on checklists, keys and systematic accounts of aphids. .


Websites: (much basic information about aphids – biology, ecology, natural enemies, economic importance, etc. – plus keys and illustrations for many European species) (French version also available) (many excellent colour photographs of live aphids, mostly British, but also many from North America and other parts of the world, along with much information and illustrations of morphs, natural enemies, etc.) (colour images and information on mainly western North American aphids) (colour images and information on aphids of southern India (Karnataka) (taxonomic database with full synonymies and search facility) (the aphid genomics database) (the BOLD database of DNA barcodes for Aphididae (the BOLD database of DNA barcodes for Adelgidae (the BOLD database of DNA barcodes for Phylloxeridae
Averill (1945)Index to host-plant genera and species mentioned by Patch (1938).
Baker (1920b)Keys to genera then recognised, now out of date.
Blackman & Eastop (1994)Aphid on the world’s trees: keys, information guide.
Blackman & Eastop (2000)Aphids on world’s crops (2nd edition): crop-oriented keys and accounts of genera and species of economically important aphids.
Blackman & Eastop (2006)Aphids on the world’s herbaceous plants and shrubs: host-plant-oriented keys and information guide.
Bõrner (1930)Keys to genera, less reliable for extra-European groups.
Bõrner & Heinze (1957)Accounts of economically important aphids with extensive bibliographies.
Eastop & Hille Ris Lambers (1976)List of genera and species of Aphidoidea with synonyms.
Favret et al. (2015b)Taxonomic and nomenclatural catalogue of world Adelgidae.
Favret et al. (2016)Taxonomic and nomenclatural catalogue of world Phylloxeridae.
Martin (1983)Key to tropical pest aphids.
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Remaudière & Remaudière (1997)Lists of genera and species of Aphidoidea with synonyms.
Richards (1976)Aphidoidea listed under genera and species of host-plants, arranged alphabetically.
Wieczorek (2010)Monograph of world Siphini (Chaitophorinae).


Holman, J. (2009)Fully referenced aphid/host-plant catalogue of palaearctic region.
Stekolshchikov & Buga (2019b)Review of aphid fauna of arctic region of Eurasia.
Wojciechowski (2003)Monograph of the palaearctic Pterocommatinae.


Websites: List of European aphid species with distribution lists and maps. Many photos of live aphids and much information about aphids in Britain. Interactive data base of British insects and their food plants. PhylAphidB@se website for molecular identification and information on European aphids.
Checklist and distribution maps for aphids of Finland. Account of leafminers and plant-galling insects of Europe, including descriptions and illustrations of effects of feeding by many aphid species.
Aguiar et al. (1995), Aguiar & Ilharco (1997, 2001)Information about aphid fauna of Madeira.
Albrecht (2010)Online atlas of aphids in Finland.
Albrecht (2017)Illustrated account of and keys to Nordic conifer-feeding aphids.
Barbagallo et al. (1995)Checklist of Italian Aphidoidea.
Barbagallo et al. (1997)Aphids of fruit-bearing crops in Italy (many colour photographs)
Barbagallo & Ortu (2009)Survey of aphids of Sardinia.
Blackman (2010)Handbook of British Macrosiphini (including CD with photomicrographs of all species).
Blackman et al. (2019b)Handbook of British Anoeciinae, Lachninae, Eriosomatinae, Phloeomyzinae, Thelaxinae, Hormaphidinae and Mindarinae.
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Website: (Digital photo album and accounts of 76 aphid species from Karnataka, southern India by Poorani Janakiraman and Sunil Joshi).
Agarwala & Ghosh (1984)Checklist of Indian aphids.
Agarwala & Ghosh (1985)Key to genera, checklist of Oriental aphids.
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Website: Checklist of Australian Aphidoidea.
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Websites: AphID (identification guide for cosmopolitan and polyphagous aphids in USA):
Andy Jensen’s digital galleries of mainly western North American aphids: and
Photos of aphids of Quebec by Claude Pilon:
Bachmann et al. (2014) Lists of aphids of Pennsylvania
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