Fig.19 Apterae on Carex II; (a) Front of head of Saltusaphis elongatus, (b) Front of head of Saltusaphis scirpus, (c) Sclerotisation of ABD TERG 4 and 5 of Iziphya ingegardae; (d) Same for Iziphya americana, (e) Empodial hairs of Allaphis producta, (f) Empodial hairs of Thripsaphis ballii, (g) Front of head of Allaphis daviaulti, (h-n) ABD TERG 8 of (h) A. producta, (i) A. ossiannilssoni, (j) A. californica, (k) A. utahensis, (l) A. cyperi, (m) A. scabra, (n) A. verrucosa.