Fig.31 Apterae on Helichrysum; (a) ANT V of Rectinasus buxtoni, (b) R IV+V of R. buxtoni, (c) SIPH of Protaphis pseudocardui, (d) SIPH of Xerobion alba, (e) Cauda of Macrosiphoniella medvedevi, (f) Cauda of M. helichrysi, (g) R IV+V of M. jankei, (h) R IV+V of M. helichrysi, (i) Hairs on ABD TERG 3 of M. hillerislambersi, (j) Same for M. medvedevi, (k) Same for M. janckei, (l) R IV+V of Pleotrichophorus helichrysi, (m) Cauda of Macrosiphoniella aetnensis, (n) Hairs on ABD TERG 3 of P. helichrysi.